27 November 2021
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Work Integrated Learning

MANAGEMENT AND TRACKING SYSTEMS Olums Work Integrated Learning System is a sophisticated database driven online management system that manages and...



OLUMSTM  WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING SYSTEM has many unique features which are not found in any other management and tracking system in the world. 


These include:

1 .Placement
Automated tracking of students who meet the work integrated learning placement criteria so that they can be placed with an employer or the place of learning station

2 .Structured curriculum
Integration of the Work Integrated Learning curriculum with OLUMS to ensure that the curriculum is properly structured and appropriately assessed.

3.Real time Automated Student Portfolios
All students Progress Reports, Annexures, Mentors Reports, Mentor’s Assessments, Academic Assessor’s Reports and Academic Assessor’s Assessments, Student Feedback Reports, Mentor Feedback Reports, are all processed automatically and compiled into a PDF Student Portfolio in real time. 

The Employer, the University and the Student can view the progress and status of the student in real time.


4. Automated administration for Onsite Monitoring and Visitation
OLUMS allows for Academics to manage the scheduling of onsite visitation in a very user friendly manner.    


5.Tracking the Approval of Employer Workstations
OLUMS Tracks and Manages the approval of all Employers to ensure that the Work Integrated Learning experience of the student meets the standards of the specific qualifications.


6.Management Alerts
OLUMS uses email and sms to alert users to respond to the flagged processes.


7.Feedback Reports
Tracking and management of Employer Feedback at the end of all interviews, Student Feedback and Mentor Feedback.

All Feedback Reports are concatenated into a single PDF File per qualification which can be used for curriculum development and quality improvement purposes.


8 .Executive Report
OLUMS produces executive reports in real time. These reports are imperative in ensuring total quality in the management of work integrated learning across the university.

If, for any reason, a user fails to respond timeously to an Alerts sent from OLUMS, then a Call Centre Operator is alerted to follow up and rectify the problem immediately.


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OLUMSTM is the acronym for Online Universal Management Systems was founded in 2007

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